Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Milanese Risotto

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Risotto is one of those dishes that's very moreish - and also very comforting. This dish is no different - it provides mellow earthy tones of saffron and aromatic tones of basil for a well defined clean flavour. Cooked in Milanese style this is a wonderful risotto that will go with a variety of accompaniments where necessary - but its also perfectly good on its own.

You will need: (makes about 5 portions)

5 tbsp butter
4 tbsp bone marrow
2 small onions finely diced
600g arborio rice
175ml dry white wine
2 litres boiling vegetable stock
125g parmesan cheese
half a handful of shredded basil
1/2 teaspoon saffron
salt & pepper for seasoning

The doing bit:

Melt butter with the bone marrow

Sauté off the onion till transparent

Add rice stir frequently until the rice starts to crack

Add wine and stir till absorbed

Add stock little by little stirring continuously

Add the basil and saffron

Cook till the rice has a little bite to it this will take about 10 minutes

Add parmesan and season

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