Monday, 13 August 2012

Grilled Cod with Coriander & Radish Butter

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This is a lovely simple recipe that provides pleasant aromatic flavours from the coriander with the sweet tones from onions also. The butter element with the radish elevates the tone completely and gives a sharp yet subtle edge. A wonderful all year round dish, but especially good for summer.

You will need (serves 5):

5X 250G Cod loin fillet
125g of butter
75g of coriander finely chopped
125g long summer radish grated
3 red salad onions finely chopped

Grill the cod on silicone paper, season with salt and pepper

Soften the butter mix with the coriander. Radish, and red onions and gentle soften over a gentle heat

Once soften spoon over the cooked fish

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